Ali & Grettle

Pascagoula MS 

Holloway FL Residence

This is J.L.Holloway's residence in Sandestin, FL and Larry worked on this in the late winter of 1996 through early summer of 1997.  He was the project manager for construction finishes and interior design for Tom Pharr and Pharr Design Group.  When  arrived at this project, there was concrete floors and walls, nothing else so everything you see was managed and/or placed by Larry  and Tom Pharr.

Justin's Restaurant - Atlanta GA

Holloway MS Residence & Guest/Poolhouse

Larry worked on Mr. J.L. Holloway's Mississippi residence and Pool/Guest House in the summer through late fall in 1996 as the project manager for interiors on the main house and as project manager for construction finishes and interiors on the Pool/Guest house.  This was the second interior renovation they did on the main house and they were combining modern and traditional. 


This restaurant was done in 1997-1998 and Larry was the project manager for the construction finishes and interior design, initially with Pharr Design Group and eventually directly for Mr. Sean "Diddy" Combs.  

It was a beautiful restaurant and the second Justin's done by Larry and Tom Pharr, the first being in NYC in 1996.